The 10 Commandments for Outdoor Cushion Care

Fading Cushions
They're not carved in stone, but here's how to care for your new outdoor cushions so they can perform at their very best for the longest time possible:

The 10 Commandments

1. Thou Shall Remove Surface Dirt With Brush or Damp Cloth

2. Thou Shall Give an Occassional Wash To Keep Clean & Fresh

3. Thou Shall Remove Cushion Insert From Cover For Washing

4. Thou Shall Use Cold Hand Wash Separately

5. Thou Shall Use Detergent Sparingly

6. Thou Shall Remember To Rinse Well

7. Thou Shall Avoid Rubbing, Scrubbing, Bleaching or Soaking

8. Thou Shall Line Dry, Inside Out (Thou Shalt Not Dry Clean or Tumble Dry)

9. Thou Shalt Not Store Cushions or Cushion Covers Wet

10. Thou Shall Store Outdoor Cushions Away When Not In Use

 Beach Abode Living Outdoor Cushions are triple treated and have a 250hrs+ and SPF50+ rating.

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Enjoy the great outdoors!

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