Choosing The Right Size Cushion Insert

Nicki Richards

Posted on April 20 2019

Choosing The Right Size Cushion Insert

How do I create a nice plump cushion?

The secret to creating a plump, filled out cushion is simply using an insert approximately 5cm bigger than the cushion cover. This basically fills out the 4 corners of the cushion cover better and gives the cushion more depth.

Try it! 

For example

: for 40x40cm cushion covers, try a 45x45cm cushion insert

: for 45x45cm cushion covers, a 50x50cm cushion insert is best.

: for 60x60cm cushion covers, we recommend a 65x65cm cushion insert.


Do I need to buy a specific 'mildew resistant' insert for outdoors?

Our answer is usually "No".

Pure polyester fibre inserts with polypropylene shells are ideal for outdoors because they are naturally resistant to the growth of mould and mildew (provided they are kept clean) and won't disintegrate like some inserts can over time.

If you buy a good quality outdoor cushion covers that repels water and mould anyway, you won't need a specific insert that does the same thing.

How do I care for my cushion inserts?

We recommend that from time to time you take your inserts out of their covers and give them a hand wash / rinse in warm water to freshen them up.

Allow freshly washed inserts to dry thoroughly in the sun before replacing cushion covers.

Some inserts are not washable. When choosing your perfect cushion insert for outdoor cushions, check that it can be washed, either by hand or in the washing machine as this will extend the life of your insert and filled cushion.

How do I put the cushion insert in the cover?

Watch this video for a 30 second tutorial on the easiest way to put an insert in a cushion cover!


Beach Abode Living cushion inserts are


✅allergy free and odourless

✅machine or hand washable

✅even-filled (not lumpy)

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